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Learning Management System Annual Group Rates

50 Users - $1,250 - Additional users $25 each

100 Users - $2,000 - Additional users $20 each

500 Users - $7, 500 - Additional users $15 each

1, 000 Users - $10, 000 - Additional users $10 each

Alabama EMS Approved LMS System

Select from a comprehensive list of NCCR, LCCR, and ICCR Topics. 

Total Education.  Our services are customized just for your organization.  We work with your administration to determine what all is needed to meet your National (NCCR), Local (LCCR), and Individual (ICCR) goals as well as ADPH/OEMST Compliance.

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National Registry Account Management

Are you having difficulty entering and tracking your hours in your national registry account?  Let us do the work for you! 

  1. Send us your course completion certificates as soon as you receive them. 
  2. We will enter it into your NREMT account. 
  3. We send you a quarterly updates showing your progress. 

For only $20 a year. 

Annual subscription required.  Advanced skills verifications are available for an additional fee at the time of verification.