Skills Validations

4. Click on Affiliate with another agency. 

5. Select Alabama as agency state.
6. Select Emergency Services Education & Consulting as agency.
7. Submit Affiliation Request. 


Let us navigate the confusion of entering CME hours for you.  You pay $20/year and we take on the headaches.


It is as easy as:

  1. Completing the registration form complete with credit card information
  2. Affiliate your account with us as described below
  3. Submit your certificates to us as soon as you get them.  Like before you walk out of class!  Don't wait!

Skill validations are required for ALS EMSP (EMT-I, AEMT, NRP).  If you are a regular participant in our classroom courses these validations are done throughout your CE cycle.  Should you miss a large portion of those, don't worry, we can schedule a skills validation day just for you.  Skills are validated under the direct supervision of our medical control physician and our lead educator.  You are expected to perform at mastery level at the validation day.

Skills validations may also be required for reinstatements and disciplinary issues.

EMR, EMT Skills Validations:  $100

EMT-I, AEMT, NRP Skills Validations:  $150

Validations are don using mega scenarios (Medical Cardiac, Trauma).  

Prices may change without notice.  Reserved dates are non-refundable.  We reserve the right to schedule multiple students at the same time.

We can only enter verifiable hours into your account.  We are not responsible for hours not sent in to our office.  Other agencies that you have affiliated with will also have access to your account and can realign courses and topics beyond our control.  We can not renew your registry for you.  You are responsible for submitting your renewal application and paying any associated fees. We are required to report any fraudulent certificates to the appropriate agencies.

NREMT Account Management

Emergency Services Education & Consulting


To complete your enrollment carefully follow the instructions listed below. 

  1. Scan and send the completed registration form to 
  2. Log into your NREMT account
  3. Select My Certification on the drop down box.
  4. Go to your DASHBOARD and select Manage Affiliations

To submit course completion certificates for entry into your NREMT account you can do one of the following : 

  1. Mail them in to us by US Mail to the following address:
    • 594 US Highway 278 E
    • Cullman, AL 35055
  2. Email them as a PDF file to
  3. Fax them to (256) 841-5701
  4. Drop them off at our office Monday - Thursday between the hours of 9:00am - 4:00 pm. We suggest calling first to ensure we are not on the road.

All certificates submitted MUST have the following information on them 

  1. State or CAPCE approval number
  2. Course Topic(s)
  3. Number of CME hours awarded
  4. Completion date
  5. Method of instruction
  6. Student's name as listed in NREMT