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Email / Marketing / SMS Messaging

  • We respect your privacy!  Our marketing list(s) are separate from our student registration information, AHA contact list, and instructor communication list.  Marketing list(s) will never be sold and will never be provided to any of our business partners.
  • SMS Messaging will only be used in conjunction with business operations and not for marketing purposes.

Course information

  • All courses have minimum completion requirements.  The requirements may include but are not limited to time, test scores, lab/skills stations, scenario performance, post course assignments, and more.  Paying a course fee does not guarantee course completion.

  • By enrolling in any of our courses you agree with and understand the following statements:
    • ​For CAPCE Approved Courses:  I understand that ESEC, LLC as a requirement of CAPCE accreditation will submit a record of my course completions to the CAPCE AMS.  I further understand that my course completion records may be accessed by or shared with such regulators as state EMS offices, training officers, and NREMT on a password-protected need-to-know basis.  In addition, I understand that I may review my record of CAPCE accredited course completions by contacting CAPCE.
    • For Alabama Approved Courses:  I understand that ESEC, LLC as a requirement of Alabama Office of EMS CME approval may be required to submit a record of my course completions to the OEMST State\Regional Office(s).  I further understand that my course completion records may be accessed by or shared with such regulators as state EMS offices, training officers, service directors and NREMT on a need-to-know basis. 
    • For NREMT CME Hours:  I understand the NREMT restricts the acceptable number of hours obtained through distributive education.  It is my responsibility to track, enter, and allocate these hours properly. 

LMS Usage Agreement

  • The Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based system accessed via the internet.  ESEC, LLC cannot guarantee a 100% "up time" or compatibility across all devices and platforms.  ESEC, LLC partners with Telania, Inc to provide the infrastructure and data management of the LMS system.  We cannot be held responsible for failures or outages.  You, the user, assumes all responsibility for equipment, connections, charges, and/or fees to the internet for accessing our cloud-based system.

Virtual Classroom Usage Agreement

  • Our Virtual Classroom System is powered by GoToWebinar a product by LogMeIn, Inc.  We are not responsible for your internet connection or system performance.  It is expected that the student will be logged in and attentive throughout the presentation.  ESEC will use data tracking, intuitive system analytics, interactive engagement scores, and others to validate student participation.  The course director reserves the right to eject any nonparticipating student from the system.  Virtual Classroom sessions cannot be shared, excluding remote hosting sites, without prior approval from the course director.

Medical Use Disclosure

  • ESEC, LLC takes great care to confirm the accuracy of the information presented as we understand it.  However, in view of ongoing research, changes in regulations, the constant flow of information in the medical field and simple human mistakes, the information we present may contain errors, omissions, problems, or other limitations.  
  • Our presentations are for general information and educational purposes only and not for medical or protocol advice.  Application of the information that we provide in a particular situation remains the professional responsibility of you, the practitioner. 
  • We will present material that may be outside of your scope of practice or legal authority.  It is your responsibility to know your limitations based on governmental regulations, medical director oversight, and organizational policies and procedures.
  • You should always follow local standing orders and protocols established by your medical director and professional governing agency.

Course Fees

  • Course fees are an agreement between you and ESEC, LLC.  We agree to deliver the content.  You agree to participate, learn, and improve upon your knowledge and skills.  We guarantee that you will not succeed if you do not put forth the effort and work needed to complete the course assignments.
  • All course fees are final and non-refundable.  Your registration in any course, whether it is classroom, virtual, online, distributive, etc. takes up space (either physical or virtual), time, and effort on our part.  Refunds are only considered when a course is cancelled by ESEC, LLC.  The nature of your business, personal decisions, acts or omissions, or other outside factors are not considered.
  • Fee transfers to another student may be considered prior to the start of a course.  This is at the sole discretion of the course director.  Transfers cannot be considered for LMS, Online, or Hybrid courses where a license or access code has been activated for use. 
  • ESEC, LLC does not sell materials or products.  Items that may be included as part of your course have been selected to enhance your course or are required by the credentialing agency.  We do not warrant or endorse these items.
  • All course fees are due prior to contract engagement or course start.  We accept most cards, cash, business checks, and approved purchase orders.  Personal checks are not accepted.       

Questions and Concerns

  • A post course evaluation will be provided, and your honest feedback will be reviewed by our education committee, administration, and medical director.
  • Immediate concerns should be forwarded to the course instructor via electronic systems, email at esec@emergencyeducation.us, or in writing by mail.
  • Our offices are open Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm CST.  We are closed on holidays and will also modify our office hours to meet our operational needs.  (256) 841-5701

Complaint and Grievance Process

  • All issues must immediately be brought forth to your instructor.  No issues will be considered valid if voiced after final grade determinations have occurred.
  • ​If the issue is with an instructor the course director and/or medical must be notified
  • ​Notification and Appeals Process flow:
    • Instructor
    • ​Course Director
    • Course Coordinator
    • Medical Director
    • ESEC Education Committee
    • ​ESEC CEO
  • ESEC may involve credentialing and or licensing agencies to assist in the review/complaint processes.