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Cash Payments

Cash payments are only accepted in office.  You should always receive a cash receipt.  DO NOT send cash payment by mail or courier.


Card Pay via Stripe

Check Payments

We accept corporate and municipal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and ACH transfers.  We DO NOT accept personal checks.  Checks should include the invoice number or course information the payment is to be applied toward.  Mail payment to:  ESEC, 594 US Hwy 278 E, Cullman AL 35055

Electronic payments are accepted using the methods below.  Please include the invoice number(s) if applicable.  If paying course fees you must include the course name, date, and instructor name or course location.  We request payments over $250 to be made by check.

We accept most credit cards.  We prefer not accept pay-by-phone since not all staff have access to the payment system.  Instead use the Submit Payment option below.  We request payments above $250 to be made by check or money-order due to card processing fees.  Some corporate cards do require the phone method and may also require the PO#.  Our office # is:  (256) 841-5701

Cash App pay is available through stripe or the payment submission box