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Sponsors Needed

Have you ever considered how to get courses at lower prices?  Better yet, how do I bring a course to my agency?  Become a course sponsor and help us keep cost low.

What does sponsorship mean?

Sponsorship varies based upon the needs of the course.  Some ideas for sponsorship are:

  1. Financial Support
  2. Classroom Facilities
  3. Training Manikins / Supplies 
  4. Classroom Supplies (Books, Copies, etc.)
  5. Instructors or industry experts for skills stations and/or lectures
  6. Catering, Snacks, Logistics
  7. The list goes on and on.

If you are interested in a course, curious about pricing, or wonder how you can sponsor a course in your area, contact us today.


Initial Education

Emergency Medical Responder, EMT, AHA Courses, ECSI Courses, ITLS, and more

Continuing Education

CEU Courses, In-services, Specialized Training, Certification Renewals



Educational Course Design and Administration, Fire / EMS (Policy, Deployment, Design, Interpretation)



First Aid, Safety, CPR


First Aid, Safety, CPR